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Incognito was established to provide a rarely seen insight into the finance industry. It has been developed to shine a laser beam on some of the largest financial institutions that operate within Australia. When are they playing fair or foul? This insight comes directly from the insiders, people that work daily in the trenches for these organisations, and as such subscribers will never know the source of information.

The contributors are taking risks so that you don’t have to. The Incognito team wants subscribers to be aware of potential “conflicts of interest” when reviewing finance offers or just corporate media statements. As Flight Centre has been revealed – the “best deal” offered may be best for them – but not you.

This idea culminated in the development of a short, sharp and entertaining daily economic update. It is designed to be no more than an entertaining 2 minute read whilst sitting in the reception area waiting for your meeting.

To supplement the daily updates, Incognito creates a plethora of educational style blogs and vlogs on the back of interviews with “undisclosed” financial professionals. We want their personal opinions – un-filtered.

Warning (and not the last one), this site is not designed to push an agenda. A subscriber needs to apply a level of critical literacy to all content published by Incognito.

We do not expect subscribers to agree with every opinion this site may appear to promote. In fact, we don’t care if a subscriber agrees or disagrees with an opinion.

Some commonly asked questions.

Why did you establish the site?

A number of us were working for a Bank or corporate in their treasury and markets team advising borrowers on fixed interest rate strategies. Often the institution would make money when a borrower took a fix position on a term debt product. It is not always a “win/lose” outcome, but when we asked other interest rate traders on the floor if they personally would take a fixed rate on their debt in the current environment, they would laugh. Yet it was the corporates opinion/advice that it was a good time to fix…

Was that opinion conflicted? Hard to say but as a borrower I would have been much more interested in the personal interest rate opinion of the trader, who looks at this stuff day in day out, than the opinion of a “House view” where incomes might be linked to the sale of a product.

This led to the concept of collating personal, non-conflicted opinions and comparing them with the widely published corporate ones.

Who is behind the site?

If you want a non-conflicted opinion from the people employed in the trenches you will never get an answer to this. If you do, the concept is dead.

How will a subscriber have trust in the sources?

This is where a subscriber needs a strong level of critical literacy. They may not agree with the content but they should have a background that enables an ability to either dismiss a perspective or endorse it.

Honestly, we don’t care either way as long as the content is of high quality, researched and entertaining.

Are opinions obtained from appropriately qualified sources?

The site will only survive and thrive based on the quality of the content. If you don’t like it the simply unsubscribe!

Can I give the creators feedback on an update/article/blog?

Yes, via the comment section of the page. In 99.99% of the cases you will not get a response unless you catch a content creator after a couple of reds and they decide to defend their position.

In all likelihood they simply will not care. Unless of course you are looking to purchase the URL for an exorbitant amount of money!

Does the site make money?

No, this is a love job (for now… see above). We reserve the right to make a buck down the track but are not counting on it… like Malcolm Turnbull we are all independently wealthy.

Should I sign up?

Why not? Give it a crack. Money back guarantee (it doesn’t cost anything).